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Results Published In Leading Scientific Journals

Nature Biotechnology

An injectible nanoparticle generator enhances delivery of cancer therapeutics

Science Advances

Sequential deconstruction of composite drug transport in metastatic breast cancer

Nature Reviews Cancer

Approaches from the physical sciences can contribute to the rate at which powerful new diagnostic tools and therapies can be discovered. 

Cancer Research

Targeting autocrine CCL5–CCR5 axis reprograms immunosuppressive myeloid cells and reinvigorates antitumor immunity

Clinical Cancer Research

Enhancing chemotherapy response with sustained EphA2 silencing using multistage vector delivery

Cell Reports

Porous silicon microparticle potentiates anti-tumor immunity by enhancing cross-presentation and inducing type I interferon response 

Controlled Release

Co-delivery of tumor antigen and dual toll-like receptor ligands into dendritic cell by silicon microparticle enables efficient immunotherapy against melanoma

Nature Biotechnology

Principles of nanoparticle design for overcoming biological barriers to drug delivery

Advanced Science

Synergistic activation of antitumor immunity by a particulate therapeutic vaccine 

Panel: 2024 Nixon National Cancer Conference


BrYet CEO Dr. Mauro Ferrari joins leading cancer researchers to discuss “Precision Oncology: Tailored Care for Better Outcome”


BrYet Partners With NerPharMa


BrYet US, Inc. starts a Manufacturing Development Agreement with NerPharMa for its lead product candidate ML-016 against lung and liver metastases from different type of breast cancer.


Breast Cancer Breakthrough


BrYet CEO Dr. Mauro Ferrari finds that an injectable nanoparticle generator enhances delivery of cancer therapeutics.


Panel: Nixon National Cancer Conference


BrYet CEO Dr. Mauro Ferrari discusses changing the future of cancer.


Pioneering Medical Advances with Silicon

BrYet is using silicon as the basis for innovative therapeutics at effective local concentrations with the fewest possible side effects.

MedTech and the DoD


Learn more about how emerging medical innovations contribute to defense.


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